Need merchant services?

The Berard Company helps to provide secure merchant services, accounts, and processing to help you grow your Ecommerce business.  We specialize in “high risk” areas. At The Berard Company, you’re ok with us.

Is your Ecommerce business considered "high risk?" Great!

Providing Merchant Account Solutions and Alternative Billing solutions for merchants worldwide.

Berard specializes in high risk and card-not-present merchant categories, hard to place business, misunderstood companies, or “scratch and dent” businesses. 

Scratch and dent describes businesses that have had a bad experience and have since fixed their internal or external problems and cannot find banking solutions because of their past.

The Berard Company has a vast network of payment processors and acquiring banks in North America and Europe, as well as a network of alternative or localized payment solutions that cover over 100 countries.

We special focus on e-commerce with a unique ability to help improve business processes, reduce fraud/chargebacks, remain compliant with card scheme rules, and maintain strong merchant acquiring relationships for our merchant clients.

Payment Processing

Secure and capture payments, accept major forms of credit card, protect yourself from chargebacks/fraud.

Merchant Account

Secure customer portal, track payments and processing, monitor sales and other data to better grow your business.

Why Greg Berard? Experience.

Over the past 15 years, I have grown helping digital and Ecommerce clients process billions of dollars a year in credit card, ACH, and alternative payment transactions.

I created The Berard Company to help misunderstood risk digital/eCommerce businesses find the right payment partners.  I help you overcome payment obstacles, receive global payment acceptance, and advise on compliance and regulatory issues.

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Get approved for a merchant account, start processing/receiving payments quickly, with the right payment partner.

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