About us.

Over the past 15 years, Greg has helped digital and eCommerce clients process billions of dollars a year in credit card, ACH, and alternative payment transactions.

Greg is focused on helping misunderstood-risk digital/eCommerce businesses find the right payment partners to overcome payment obstacles, assist and strategize global payment acceptance, as well as advise on compliance, and regulatory issues.

Greg advises a range of Startups with great potential to publicly traded digital businesses that are processing hundreds of millions annually, offering significant resources and strategies for merchants of all sizes and in all categories.

As a payments expert, Greg works closely and in-person wherever our clients are located in the world, to help them manage their online payment acceptance and growth, maintain compliance, improve performance, provide best-in-class customer service practices, and much more.

Prompt & reliable services.

Remember when you used to be able to call and get a hold of someone when you needed them? While payment technology has grown, service has died. Not with The Berard Company. We value service.
We value being able to pick up the phone and work through problems and obstacles as they arrive. The Berard Company is your partner in payments.

Core values.

We believe that payments shouldn’t be so hard. In fact, in a perfect world, The Berard Company doesn’t exist because payments are seamless and easy. The problem is that this is not a perfect world and unfortunately, for some, payment processing is the biggest business challenge. We believe that the solution is finding the right payment partner for your business. We call them “partners” because that is what they should be.
You should know them personally. They should understand your business backward and forward and you should work together to help build a successful business with optimal payment performance.
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