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If you buy bitcoin, trade crypto, or offer blockchain technology, chances are you need merchant services as you scale. The Berard Company works with your business to develop implementation strategies and connections to help you do just that.

Why use Berard services for your cryptocurrency business?

Avoid getting dropped terminated by a payment processor for being "high risk." The Berard Company assists with compliance and payment acceptance, finding the right payment partner that wants to work with you!
t is a common occurrence – being terminated by a payment processor for being “high risk.” If your company has been terminated, or you are worried that your payment provider may terminate you or misunderstand your business, The Berard Company offers significant resources and strategies for merchants of all sizes.
Sleep at night knowing your payment partner is your actual partner. The Berard Company will introduce you directly to a merchant service provider that caters to your exact business model, and more importantly wants to see you become successful.

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Grow your blockchain tech, secure your future.

Even if you have a merchant processor already, it’s still highly likely you are not capitalizing fully on your company’s bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto mining potential. That’s where we come in.

As payments experts, The Berard Company works closely and in-person wherever our clients are located in the world. Manage your online payment acceptance and growth, maintain compliance, improve performance, provide best-in-class customer service practices, and much more.

Trusted by top bitcoin, blockchain, & crypto mining services.


"When our payment provider decided to shut us down because they simply didn't want to support our business category anymore, we had no idea what do to. We were processing payments for years without any issues. We had no disputes, no complaints, and are fully compliant with little to no risk. That's when I called The Berard Company. They took the time to learn about my business and introduced me to a payment provider. We were approved and processing transactions in less than a week. I HIGHLY recommend working with The Berard Company"

Alan Whitfield

CEO Frontier Mining

Frequently asked questions.

Typically the process is very quick, within a week. This of course varies depending on the amount of work needing to be done to achieve compliance.

The Berard Company only works with merchant processors that have been vetted and submitted proper credentials.

First we audit and bring the website up to code, then we submit your business to specific vendors that specialize in your e-commerce brand. From there we work with them to make sure everything is in order before closing the deal.

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