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“I have had the pleasure of working with Greg for many years. He is always professional, honest, and really understands payments both from the perspective of a merchant as well as the risk, compliance and banking side. I can't recommend a better partner for harder-to-place, higher-risk businesses that need nuanced help, and a partner that will truly take the time to understand the business and help it succeed.”
Stephen Prince
Owner, Villa Payments Consulting
“Greg has helped me through many payment obstacles over the years. From a simple diversification payment strategy to global alternative payments, and being an advocate for my business category and operations, Greg has been instrumental to our payment acceptance success globally.”

Processing transactions in less than 1 week.

"When our payment provider decided to shut us down because they simply didn't want to support our business category anymore, we had no idea what do to. We were processing payments for years without any issues. We had no disputes, no complaints, and are fully compliant with little to no risk, but because we're associated even loosely with Blockchain, we were shut down and every other payment provider we called declined to work with us. That's when I called The Berard Company. Greg was amazing to work with. He actually took the time to listen to me, learn about my business, and he introduced me directly to a payment provider that was comfortable with my business category, and we were approved and processing transactions in less than a week. I HIGHLY recommend working with The Berard Company"
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